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A Child’s Solitude

This was the final project for my Graphic 200 class at James Madison University. I decided to create a digital painting utilizing Photoshop to create this fairy tale inspired...
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CISR Feature Project

For this project I collaborated with the WRTC majors to create a website for James Madison University's Center for International Stabilization and Recovery group. The WRTC group provided me with the feature content and...
CISR - Center for International Stabilization and Recovery

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Major Third Logo & Branding

As a part of a budding start up Jack Merline reached out to me and asked for assistance in creating a memorable and modern brand. I was more than happy to oblige and work...
Client: Jack Merline - Videographer, Editor

"Jacks review will go here"

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Deep Encounters Program

I designed this play program for my theatre class. We created a play by combining multiple short scenes from Suzan Lori Parks into a 1950's inspired drama. This was a digital painting created in...